Pharmacological aids to relieve smoking and nicotine

Pharmacological aids to relieve smoking and nicotine

Pharmacological aids to relieve smoking and nicotine

Pharmacological aids to relieve smoking and nicotine

These are nicotine patches (“patches” used in three steps: 21 mg-14 mg-7 mg), the nicotine gum (2 mg, 4 mg), sprays, inhalers, pills like bupropion (Zyban) and varenicline (Champix / Chantix), to name only the best known pharmacological aids.

These products are recommended for people who suffer from fear or suffer significantly unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Research has shown that these nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) can double the chances of successfully kicking the habit, as long as they are accompanied by psychological and behavioral support as offered by a doctor, services “I Stop,” or any other person or service recognized as reliable.

Indeed, these products do not neutralize all the cravings that occur in the different situations usually associated with smoking behavior. The emotional associations related to smoking – representing the psychological dependence – are often difficult to overcome.

A medical examination is recommended to ensure that the anti-smoking therapy should be considered in your health profile. Although some of these nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) are sold without a prescription, although you are advised to check with your pharmacist or doctor.

The patches and gum help the ex-smoker by providing a constant diffusion of nicotine for 24 or 16 hours, depending on the companies stamps. If the dose is too high (your sleep is restless, and you are having nightmares), it is advisable to remove the patch at night. It is recommended to follow the full treatment.

Don’t smoke while you are using nicotine patches.

Pills such as bupropion (Zyban), and varenicline (Champix / Chantix) do not contain nicotine but act on areas of the brain that are stimulated by nicotine. Result: The person usually feels less of the need to smoke . In addition, bupropion appears to significantly reduce weight gain in some people. Discuss with your doctor.

See: Nicotine Withdrawal Timeline and Symptoms.

It should however be noted that there is no miracle that will make you succeed in your attempt to quit smoking without you making concentrated effort. But that does not mean that it must be painful. This is the purpose of this site, it is to help you quit smoking using a personalized approach, in a safe and fun environment.

In fact, did you know that laughter and pleasure are one of the best strategies you can use to free yourself from your addiction to tobacco? Your brain then becomes able to produce endorphins by itself.

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  1. During my struggle to quit, i used some these aids and they proved quite helpful to me at the time.

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