Quit smoking cold turkey – Why you should try to quit cold turkey?

Quit smoking cold turkey

Quit smoking cold turkey

When you’ve been a smoker for a period of time, the thought of¬† quitting smoking cold turkey is very scary. Let’s face it, it’s part of who we are. You need to have your normal cigarettes daily, so how the hell are you supposed to quit smoking cold turkey when you have to spend today and tomorrow, and even the next day. Is quitting cold turkey, even the best way?

First we have to know why it is so difficult to quit smoking in the first place. Quitting smoking is both a mental and a physical war, but for the most part, what stops us is the suffering from the physical aspects. Or should I say physical dependence.

Smoking is addictive because of nicotine. Because you smoke, the nicotine content of cigarette puff inhaled runs with blood. Basically making your body accustomed to having it in your bloodstream, it has become a part of your chemical makeup, so when the nicotine in the bloodstream begins to lessen, your body begins to react.

Essentially, your body starts to panic because it feels as if something crucial is missing. Your body does not know that nicotine is not crucial, or even good for you. Either way, your body tricks your mind into thinking it needs this substance, and therefore sends you out for a cigarette. You feel like lighting one right now don’t you?

This is where the mental part comes in. It’s basically a mental habit, until you start to get low in the blood, then your body goes into overdrive to make an emergency.

So the question, If you stop smoking cold Turkey is … The withdrawal symptoms, that is why you need to prepared before they start, see the nicotine withdrawal timeline.

The answer is, of course you will go through withdrawal symptoms, but the duration of the withdrawal will be much shorter, if you quit smoking cold turkey rather than stretch. In addition, the fact is that you are much more likely to actually quit for good, if you quit smoking cold turkey.

The fact is that when you try to wean off cigarettes, you are simply obeying your bodies response of panic and anger when your nicotine levels get low. Basically, it’s like giving a constantly crying baby what he wants. The problem simply becomes worse and more difficult to correct.

When you quit smoking cold turkey, you deplete your level of nicotine  quickly and once and for all, and once that is done the body will no longer need or want it. Your body reacts when the level is low, but not when it is empty.

Once this is done and you are able to cope with the quit smoking withdrawal symptoms, then the only thing holding you back is the mental habits that are much easier to break than the physical need.


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