We have assembled a list of resources that should help you
in your efforts to become tobacco free. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all available quit smoking resources and this listing does not provide information for resources in specific communities, although some of the links can put you in touch with providers and services in your area. Finally, this listing of services, information and products is meant to be informative and does not constitute an endorsement of these resources or products.

Resources for Smokers Who Want To Quit and for People Who Want To Help

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
• –
• How to Quit, Useful Resources to Quit Smoking –
• You Can Quit Smoking –
National Cancer Institute:
• –
• Smokefree Women –
• Quitting Smoking: Why To Quit and How To Get Help –
• Spit Tobacco: A Guide for Quitting –
• Dejar de Fumar (Smokefree Español) –
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality:
• Help for Smokers and Other Tobacco Users –
• Ayuda para fumadores u otros consumidores de tabaco (Spanish-language) –
• Quit Smoking: Consumer Interactive Tool –
National Women’s Health Information Center:
• Smoking and How to Quit –
National Institute On Aging:
• Smoking: It’s Never Too Late to Stop –
U.S. Surgeon General:
• Tobacco Cessation Guideline –
U.S. Department of Defense:
• Quit Tobacco. Make Everyone Proud –
National Partnership for Smoke-free Families:
• Providing Help to Smokers –
National Partnership to Help Pregnant Smokers Quit:
• Quit Now! –
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March of Dimes:
• Pregnancy and Newborn Health Education Center –
• Helping Smokers Quit –
Oral Health of America’s National Spit Tobacco Education Program:
• The Cessation Process, Seven Steps to Recovery –
American Legacy Foundation:
• Become an EX –
• You Can Quit Smoking: A 5-Day Plan To Get Ready –
American Heart Association:
• Quit Smoking –
• How Can I Quit Smoking? –
• How Can I Handle The Stress Of Not Smoking? –
American Cancer Society:
• Yes You Can –
• Guide to Quitting –
American Lung Association:
• How to Quit –
• Freedom From Smoking –
Mayo Clinic:
• Quit Smoking Center –
• Smoking cessation: Take it one step at a time –
Telephone Quitlines
• National Hotline: 1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669)
• National Cancer Institute: 1-877-44U-QUIT (448-7848)
• American Cancer Society:1-800-227-2345
• Great Start Quitline (for pregnant smokers): 866-66-START (667-8278)
• American Lung Association: 800-LUNG-USA (586-4872)
• Listing of State-Based Quitlines:

State-Based Resources
• Alabama –
• Alaska –
• Arizona –
• Arkansas –
• California – and 1-800-NO-BUTTS (662-8887)
• Colorado – and
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• Connecticut – and;;0;;;0;0;Smoking%20Cessation~;
• Delaware –
• District of Columbia –
• Florida –
• Georgia –
• Hawaii –
• Idaho –
• Illinois –
• Indiana – and
• Iowa –
• Kansas –
• Kentucky –
• Louisiana –
• Maine –
• Maryland – and
• Massachusetts – and
• Michigan –,4675,7-216-33084_33091_33302—,00.html
• Minnesota –
• Mississippi –
• Missouri – and
• Montana –
• Nebraska –
• Nevada –
• New Hampshire –
• New Jersey –
• New Mexico –
• New York –
• North Carolina –
• North Dakota –
• Ohio –
• Oklahoma – and
• Oregon –
• Pennsylvania – and
• Rhode Island –
• South Carolina –
• South Dakota –
• Tennessee – and
• Texas – (see “Want to Quit?” button on left column)
• Utah –
• Vermont – and and
• Virginia – and
• Washington –
• West Virginia –
• Wisconsin – and
• Wyoming – and
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FDA-Approved Smoking Cessation Products
• Nicotine Gum (commercially available as generic or store-branded nicotine polacrilex gum, Equate, or Nicorette – see It is available as an over-the-counter product.

• Nicotine Patch (commercially available as Nicoderm CQ – see It is
available both over-the-counter and as a prescription medication.
• Nicotine Inhaler (commercially available as Nicotrol Inhaler – see It is
available only as a prescription medication.
• Nicotine Nasal Spray (commercially available as Nicotrol NS – see It is
available only as a prescription medication.
• Nicotine Lozenge (commercially available as Nicorette Lozenge Commit – see It is available as an over-the-counter medication.
• Bupropion SR (commercially available as Zyban – see It is available only as a prescription medication.
• Varenicline (commercially available as Chantix – see It is available only as a
prescription medication.

Pharmaceutical Company Cessation Resources
• GlaxoSmithKline’s Way 2 Quit –
• GlaxoSmithKline’s Committed Quitters –
• Pfizer’s My Time to Quit –
Resources for Health Care Professionals, Insurers, and Employers
• Coverage for Tobacco Use Cessation Treatments –
• A Practical Guide to Working with Health-Care Systems on Tobacco-Use Treatment –
• Youth Tobacco Cessation: A Guide for Making Informed Decisions –
Professional Assisted Cessation Therapy:
• Employers’ Smoking Cessation Guide: Practical Approaches to a Costly Workplace Problem, 2nd
Edition –
• Reimbursement for Smoking Cessation Therapy: A Healthcare Practitioner’s Guide –
George Washington University, Center for Health Services Research and Policy:
• Sample Purchasing Specifications Related to Tobacco-Use Prevalence and Cessation –
Next Generation California Tobacco Control Alliance:
• Health Care Providers’ Tool Kit for Delivering Smoking Cessation Services –
Medline Plus Health Information Center (U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of
• Smoking Cessation –
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality:
• Helping Smokers Quit: A Guide for Clinicians –
Evidence-Based Reviews of What Works and What Does Not Work
Quit Smoking Resources / 5
U.S. Public Health Service:
• Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: 2008 Update—Clinical Practice Guideline –
The Community Guide:
• The Guide to Community Preventive Services: Tobacco Use Prevention and Control –
Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco and the World Health Organization:
• Database and Educational Resource for Treatment of Tobacco Dependence –
The Cochrane Library:
International Resources
Health Canada: Quit Smoking –
United Kingdom: Action on Smoking and Health/UK:
Pan American Health Organization: Quit Tips for Individuals –
Australia : Quitter’s Page –
World Bank: Tobacco Quitlines –
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, May 1, 2013 / Lorna Schmidt
More information and resources on tobacco cessation are available at

Government Resources
Tips From Former Smokers
This CDC campaign Web site lets you view the ads, learn more about the people featured and their health conditions, and access quit-smoking resources.
A free, phone-based service with educational materials, coaches, a quit plan, and referrals to local resources to help you quit tobacco use.
1-855-DÉJELO-YA (1-855-335-3569)
Free help to quit smoking is available through this Spanish-language quitline.
This HHS Web site provides one-stop access to tobacco-related information from its various agencies.
A Web site that provides free, accurate information and assistance to help you quit smoking and stay tobacco-free. (en Español)
A Spanish-language Web site that provides free, accurate information and assistance to help you quit smoking and stay tobacco-free.
A Web site that provides free, accurate information and assistance to help women quit smoking and stay tobacco-free.
SfT (Smokefree Teen)
A Web site that provides free, accurate information and assistance to help teens quit smoking and stay tobacco-free.
A mobile service that provides encouragement, advice, and tips to help young adults quit smoking.
Smokefree Smartphone Apps
Smokefree smartphone applications that help you track your quit smoking progress, receive motivational reminders, and more.
Quit Tobacco—Make Everyone Proud
A DoD-sponsored Web site for military personnel and their families.
Help for Smokers and Other Tobacco Users

An easy-to-read guide to quitting tobacco use.
Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: 2008 Update—Overview
Consumer materials to help tobacco users become tobacco-free.
FDA 101: Smoking Cessation Products
Identifies FDA-approved products that can help you quit smoking.
Harms of Smoking and Benefits of Quitting
A fact sheet from the National Cancer Institute that summarizes the harmful effects of smoking and short- and long-term benefits of quitting.

Other Resources

American Cancer Society
Guide to quitting smoking.
American Heart Association
Information and support to help you quit smoking.
American Lung Association
Resources to help smokers figure out their reasons for quitting and then take the big step of quitting for good.