Common quitting cigarette smoking Side Effects

Common quitting cigarette smoking Side Effects

Common quitting cigarette smoking Side Effects

When smokers decide to quit smoking, they experience a lot of side effects which tend to be very annoying and difficult to deal with. Some of the quitting cigarette smoking side effects include:

Withdrawal symptoms– Since your body is used to having a supply of nicotine every now and then, once you decide to quit smoking you begin to develop withdrawal symptoms which make you have a craving for smoking. This craving is brought about by the lack of nicotine in your blood stream. The nicotine craving normally begins to peak two or three days after an individual has decided to quit then it eventually reduces very quickly after that.

Constipation– Nicotine influences how the gastrointestinal tract operates. As a smoker you wouldn’t notice this but once you decide to quit smoking, you will begin to experience sudden changes in your bowel movement which will result to constipation and sometimes developing a stomachache due to the reduced intake of nicotine. Nicotine acts as a laxative which helps to keep your bowel movements regular. The best remedy to counteract constipation is eating foods that are rich in fiber, drinking a lot of water and sometimes doing some physical exercises.

Increase in appetite– One of the reasons why most people smoke is to suppress their appetite in order to control their weight. The nicotine has a stimulating effect which aids in suppressing the hunger your body experiences. Once you quit smoking, due to the absence of nicotine you begin to develop a huge appetite for food especially sweet things like chocolates, sweets and other junk foods that have high sugar levels which will result to weight gain. The best alternative to solve this is to eat plenty of foods that have a low sugar level.
Last but not least, other quitting cigarette smoking side effects include; fatigue, coughing, depression, body aches and many others.

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