Stop smoking plan: The stop smoking tobacco plan

Stop smoking plan: The stop smoking tobacco plan

Stop smoking plan: The stop smoking tobacco plan

stop smoking plan: The stop smoking tobacco plan

In any attempt to quit smoking, there are basically two aspects, there is the physical addiction, which is usually of a short duration, and can be overcome with quit smoking  Aids. It often takes longer for the psychological addiction and habit formed during the smoking years to disappear. The smoker is in fact accustomed to smoking in different situations. As a result, he often lights up a cigarette automatically when he is re-entering these situations that produces the same stimuli.
Often when smokers quit smoking, there often think they are missing several positive effects or rewards, such as when Smoking helps them relax, make them less bored, and promotes comfort. As a result, the smoker thinks that he really needs smoking, and so the psychological dependence is greater.

Tips to prepare you  for quitting
In the first few weeks you should often expect to get a sudden urge to smoke. This desire takes a few minutes and it gets weaker as the weeks go by. Make sure that you know in advance how to deal with these moments. The following tips may be of help: …

– Create a list of all the personal reasons why you want to quit smoking, and look at this list as often as possible.
– Set a date on which you will stop and do not diverge from it. Do not choose a time period in which you have great personal or professional problems.
– Inform your family and friends about your decision to quit and ask them for support.
– Make a note of the times and situations where you are especially under pressure to smoke.
– Think about the way to where you want to take on this problem: Write down some alternatives to smoking.
– Stop with your partner or with friends who also smoke
– Go with a positive attitude into this adventure, even if previous attempts have failed: in each smoking puts a stopper??
– Do not decrease your consumption gradually, but stop entirely: the period of suffering will be shorter if you immediately stop smoking cold Turkey.

Tips for the first few days after quitting

– Remove everything that reminds you of tobacco from your house and your car
– Avoid for the first few days the place where you bought your cigarettes.
– Do you live from day-to-day: Set realistic goals.
– Focus your attention on something, you can redesign your home, engage in some activity or call someone.
– Eat fruits as a healthy snack and avoid sweet snacks.
– Avoid alcohol and coffee because they make you want to smoke.
– Drink plenty of water: this provides for the removal of nicotine from the body and makes the desire for a cigarette disappear.
– Brush your teeth or stand under the shower if you want to get a cigarette.
– Send a text message.
– Breathe deeply in and out several times: the sudden urge to smoke is then rapidly diminished.
– Be active, but avoid sources of strain or stress.
– Body movement helps you relax.
– Make sure that you have something in hand: a straw, a pen, an anti-stress ball, or something in your mouth: for example, Licorice, sugar-free chewing gum, … .

Tips to help you persevere.
– Use the saved money to pamper yourself, then you will persevere easier.
– Avoid places where people smoke or even smoke where you like.
– Beware if you have a bad temper: cigarettes offer no solution to anger or grief.
– Do not be seduced: When you smoke a cigarette, it will be followed by a possible second, and even a third?

Tips for a relapse
– Do not blame yourself if you fail, but draw a lesson from it and try again to quit smoking.
– Suppress negative thoughts that make you feel you won’t succeed.
– Try to put yourself as quickly as possible back on the right course, by thinking constructively, eg ? Next time i will make better choices? I got the relapse well-handled, now I’m not going to give up?.
– Watch the exact moment of relapse to know:
What happened?
Who was i with?
What I have thought or felt? What have I done?
How could I have done otherwise?

Did you know that most smokers require five attempts before finally being able quit for good. Maybe you simply have not found the right method. Do you really want to quit smoking? If you can not make it the first time, try it again and yet again. Stay on the ball and do not let that discourage you.

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