Electronic Cigarettes – A Healthier,Safer & Cleaner Option

There is a general awareness of the danger of tobacco smoking, tobacco cigarette smoking is injurious to the health & happiness of not only the person smoking it but also to his or her loved ones. It kills gradually, leading to a variety of dreadful diseases such as cancer, emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, and countless other chronic medical complications. Smoking is harmful not only for the individual who smokes but also for friends and family who inadvertently inhaled the smoke fumes exhaled by the smoker due the fact that these set of people are most of the time in close proximity to the smoker.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

Also, cigarettes are smelly, unattractive and harmful. They cause one’s lungs to rot, hair to lighten, and skin to age well before its time. You don’t believe this? It really is the reality. The complex nature of substances contained in cigarettes can cause damage to your body; their effects first begin to manifest in the skin.

A foremost university recently carried out research that suggested that constant exposure to smoking results in premature aging, as well as hair loss in men & women. So the next time you pick up a stick of cigarette rather than the more healthy cousin electric cigarette, don’t forget to watch out for`the uninvited guests, wrinkles, dark-circles, sagging skin, puffiness, dandruff, dryness of scalp and millions of hair strands on your comb!

For smoke of any sort is a pollutant and pollutants know to cause nothing but harm. Cigarette smoke attacks the skin by hastening the production of free radicals that attack healthy skin cells. When healthy skin cells are attacked; the skin appears dull, dry and blotchy.

The toxins deposited saps moisture and health from our skin and body. It saps the vitality and vitamin off our scalp, leaving the skin unhealthy and scarred. Research reveals that the absence or reduction of toxins in our body results in firmer and much more even toned skin. As a result, a real tobacco cigarette’s after effect will reflect in your skin. However, e-cigarettes leave no ill effects; generate no toxic compounds and leave no residual smoke either. Changing to electric cigarettes & cutting down on your pollution intake will reflect in the suppleness of your face and also the redness of your apples. If your spouse is smoking heavily, and is hesitant in changing to electronic cigarettes, it might be a good idea to make him or her read this article.
Smoking traditional cigarettes rather than making the change to healthier options such as the e-cigarettes or the nicotine patch etc. is an unhealthy practice for him them!

Modern anti-aging research have shown that the less toxins we have in our bodies, the firmer our skin with a more even tone. smoking reduces the collagen levels in the skin. Collagen is the foundation of our body cells; it is a skin building protein that ensures that the skin stays glued together. Any reduction in the collagen levels reduces the compaction in the skin leading to the eruption of wrinkles & sags.

Quitting tobacco cigarettes and switching to electronic cigarettes can really affect the appearance of your skin. Electronic cigarettes will produce no smoke, and lesser inhalation of nicotine will also result in release of more oxygen in the blood. Oxygen is a necessary ingredient for maintaining a healthy skin, thus, quit cigarettes by the means of e-cigarettes to change the way you feel & appear, click here now start with electronic cigarettes.

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