Ten Tips to Help you Cope With Quit Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms

 Ten Tips to Help you Cope With Quit Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms

Ten Tips to Help you Cope With Quit Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms

Quitting smoking can be a very difficult decision to sustain, most people find it difficult to cope with the withdrawal symptoms that will most definitely kick in when you decide to stop your nicotine addiction. But after a while if you can hang in there you will see that you can never regret your decision to quit smoking, you will see a remarkable improvement in the quality of life you lead, but meanwhile here are  Ten Tips to Help you Cope With Quit Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms to help you find your way out of the tunnel.

1 Get in touch and connect with people who are going through a similar situation as you. Do this especially if you are lacking in moral support or motivation. you can look around you to see if they are classes such as “Breath-Free”.

2 Increase the vegetable content of your diet, your diets should include lots of raw fruits, salads, fresh juices.limit your intake of fleshy foods or animal products. you could replace those with veggies and baked yams and potatoes.

3 Avoid drinks containing caffeine. This includes soft drinks such as colas, tea, and of course coffee. Caffeine acts in a similar manner to nicotine, and it can stimulate your cigarette cravings. Shut out alcohol in any form because it can stimulate your cravings for cigarette.

4 When you decide to quit smoking it is always advisable that you stop completely rather than reducing your cigarette intake gradually. Taking the gradual approach to quitting smoking could in the long run weaken your resolve and it also increases your discomfort.

5 Drink lots of water. It is very important that you stay hydrated. Staying hydrated helps in the cleansing process, where when the accumulated nicotine in the  body is being flushed out. Also drink lots of juices and herbal tea.

6 Ensure you get lots of sleep and that you are always properly rested.

7 Take time out to go on short walks, do this so you can breathe in fresh air. Fresh air helps in cleansing the lungs  and can also soothe your nerves.

8 Always carry a plastic lemon juice with you, use this when ever the urge to smoke hits you can squirt a bit of the juice into your mouth, this will relieve you of your cravings and its also good for your health.

9 Use nicotine patches to relieve  cravings any time they hit you, although the use of nicotine patches is some what controversial it non the-less represents a method of relief for those with extreme nicotine addictions.

10 And finally if you must smoke please do use an electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes have the advantage of containing little or no nicotine and they do taste like traditional cigarettes.

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